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      I adore my new parish, he said. I was almost afraid when I took the living I should find too little to do. But coming home late last night from a bedside, if I saw one drunken man I must have seen twenty, some roaring drunk, some simply stupidly drunk, dear fellows! I asked two of them to come home with me, and have another drink, and there was I in the middle with two drunken lads, one with a black eye, reeling along Alfred Street. I dont know what my parishioners must have thought of their new pastor. You should seen my housekeepers face, when I{56} told her that I had brought two friends home with me.

      Ah, but the tone: there is so much in the tone, said this excruciating lady. How very odd it would be to hear a clergyman give out his own banns.And now, so she instinctively recognised, that sort of satisfaction in human intercourse had become to her childish and elementary. It was good (nothing could be better) as far as it went, but this morning she felt as some musician might feel, if he was asked to content himself with a series of full plain common chords on the piano. Nothing could be better (as far as it went) than that uncomplicated common chord: nor (as far as it went) could anything be better than living with so amiable and understanding a brother. Only now she wanted to give, instead of to give and take: she wanted to lose the sense of fairness, to serve and not to be served.

      Clearly the quarrels which led to warmer attachments had nothing to do with Alices late fury about Fysons, and her mother, throwing tact and delicacy about a daughters heart to the winds, tried another method of battering her way into it. She could not conceive why Alice did not tell her that Mr Silverdale had proposed to her.

      You know I did not. But I am quite certain that Miss Propert was not rude. And now about Alices being here, when I brought her in. What of that? I wish you to tell me if you meant anything. If you did not, I wish you to say so.John has had enough shop from his pastor, havent you, my dear boy? he said, with the greatest good humour. We clergy are terrible people for talking shop, and we dont seem to mind how boring and tiresome we are. You get enough jaw at school, pijaw we used to call it, without being preached at when you come home.


      Mrs Keeling got up.


      She did not move while the song continued, her hand still rested unconsciously on his sleeve, her eyes looked straight at him, demanding his companionship in that young joy of life that thrilled her no less than the bird. It was that in the main that possessed her, and yet, for that delicate intimate moment, she had instinctively (so instinctively that she was unaware of her choice) chosen him as her companion. She wanted to listen to the lark with him (or his coat) on her finger-tips. Her whole soul was steeped in the joyful hour, and it was with him she shared it: it was theirs, not hers alone.